Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Scrapping Opportunity

This is Tarzan, all vegged out on the couch. This just cries out to be scrapped. I took a couple of pictures and will get them printed out. Check back to see what I can come up with for this adorable fat guy.
And I still have possum pages to scrap, and the new roof. I did get a page done on my old truck, but nothing for the new car yet. I should have taken a picture of the back end filled with my scrapbook supplies yesterday (there was even room left for my friends stuff too).

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Shiney New Car

After three years, we've replaced our truck - a 1986 Ford F250 with extended cab. We both loved our truck, but it just wasn't practical for our life - it barely fit in our driveway. Tim's friends called it the BAT - Big Ass Truck. And he got lots of teasing about destroying the ozone layer. But, it was paid for and depandable. It's been a long time since we've had a car payment - this will be a big adjustment for us. But, we were ready. Our new baby is a 2005 Subaru Forrester. Green exterior and tan leather interior. And it has cup holders. And a CD player. All the luxuries of life that were missing in the old truck. Today, I am going to an all day scrapbooking event. The first test of our new car - how much scrapbooking stuff can it hold?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friends, Hobbies and Books

On Saturday, my friend Judi and I are going to an all day scrapbooking event. AND this is the weekend of the Virtual Scrapbooking event on SplitcoastStampers. If you're interested in the virtual crop, check here: I am hostessing a challenge at 10:00 am Central time on Sunday, and you're welcome to join me. It's wonderful to be able to do one of my favorite hobbies with such good friends - both in person and online.

It just so happens that recently I've read several good books about friendships and hobbies and crafts. The first one was Prints Charming by Rebeca Seitz. It's a wonderful story about friends and scrapbooking! I was super lucky to get an advance copy to read. Then I read The Quilter's Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini. This is another book in the Elm Creek Quilters novels. All of her novels are about friendship and quilting. I am currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs, about - you guessed it - friendships and knitting. Haven't finished the book yet, but so far it is a good one.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pretty Cards for Sad Occassions

Last week I had to make several sympathy cards. I really need a better sympathy saying for the insides of the cards. I've been trying to use more of the pretty pattern papers I have on my cards. So for these sympathy cards, I started with the pretty blue and brown paper. I've been wanting to make a scallop border, so I tried it in the chocolate chip, and thought it looked good. I added my image and some ribbon. Pretty, but somber.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've Got Bellas!

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Kimmie, from Canada who sent me some stamped bella images. I'll never be able to make a bella card as beautiful as Kimmie. This is the one I worked on today. A bella stamp, Basic Grey paper and a Prima flower, put them all together for one pretty card. Kimmie sent me several more, can't wait to play with them too :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Look who's back!

Don't know if this is the same cute little guy or a different one. He's behind the washer again. But I've laid a trail of cat food out the door. He's found the food and eats a little and goes back behind the washer and then comes back for more food. He'll eventually find his way outside - I hope. The cats are much more interested in him today than they were yesterday.

Our New Roof

The roofers started work on Monday, which was a terribly windy day. And they finished up on Wednesday. They were gone when I got home from work. We were expecting some rain Thursday, but only got sprinkles - we were so disapointed that it didn't rain harder. It's Spring in NC, so I'm sure we'll have lots more opportunities for rain :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Company for Breakfast

The cats had company over for breakfast this morning. Last night, Tim and I woke up about 3:00. I got up and noticed the cats water bowl was dirty, so I gave them fresh water. And then I heard a noise. Of course, Tim didn't hear the noise. My best description was that it sounded like something was under the house. One of the crawl space doors had gotten open one day this week, so it was possible something had gotten under the house. We went back to sleep. This morning as I was sitting on the couch I heard somebody chewing on something. I could see Riley, our normal chewing culprit, so got up to look. It was a furry little thing in the cat bowl having breakfast. Tarzan just was sitting there looking at it. I made a few little yelps which woke Tim up and he came tearing out of the bedroom, which scared the critter, who then ran behind the washer. I decided it was much too big to be a mouse and too big and furry to be a rat - it was a baby possum! Thankfully, our washer and dryer sit on an old enclosed porch. We were able to close the doors into the kitchen and halway and open the door to the outside. Our visitor let himself out.

And, no, I didn't get a picutre.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Rainy Sunday

It's a rainy day today, so no race for Tim. We are busy doing laundry and other house chores (Tim's scooping the cat box at the moment). I did make a quick card this morning. Yesterday, we both had to work. Tim came home with a couple of envelopes that he made me while he was working. Isn't he great? He made me envelopes :) One of the envelopes is made from some pearlized celery colored card stock. I just had to make a card to go with it. Now that I've played a bit, I have to go to the grocery store.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just Chicken In

I've finished up my swap scrapbook pages, but I can't show them yet :) So I decided to make up a little something to post today. Since it's Easter, I thought I'd use my chicken set. I looked through the SCS gallery to get some ideas. I've been wanting to try to make a scallop with my half circle punch, so this was the perfect card to try it on. Hope you enjoy this pretty card.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Got My Hair Cut

It's summer so I went short. Just hope I can fix it as nicely as Shanon did this evening. I just love Shanon - she does the best job cutting my hair for me.

A Few Books and a Note on Scrapping

I've been doing a bit of reading lately - nothing super spectacular. I finished Anne Tyler's Digging to America. She's a very dependable author. This one probably had the most positive ending of any of her novels that I've read. It brought up some great issues of what makes us Americans. I also read Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. I picked this one up because the main character knits. This was the first time I had read a book by this author and it was okay. Probably the best book I've read recently is A Mobile Library Mystery: The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Sanson. I picked it up because even thought I don't read a lot of mysteries, this one's about a bookmobile librarian. It's not heavy on the mystery, but it's very humorous. But, it's quirky British humor. So I don't feel like I can recommend this book to many people because I don't know that anyone else will think it's as funny as I did.

I haven't done much scrap booking this week. I'm working on a layout for a page swap that I'm in. I have all the pieces cut out for the 6 sets of these that I have to do. This weekend my top priority will be getting everything assembled and figure out how to do the title so that they can all go in the mail on Monday. I'll be pretty involved with scrap booking at the end of the month, so I need to be spending my time doing page prep work.