Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

We don't normally celebrate the cat's birthdays. But today is special, Fitzie is 16! And I needed an excuse to make a cake. Fitzie has always been my kitty. She and Tim just tolerate each other. I got Fitzie from our friends, the Fitzgeralds, before I moved from South Dakota to Kentucky. She was a great traveler on her first trip. She has since moved to NC, and then to TN, and then back to NC. She's lost lots of teeth, and doesn't jump as well as she used to, otherwise, she's healthy and will probably live a few more years. The birthday girl did lick up a few crumbs of the yummy chocolate cake I made, and I have some tuna for her later.


Stampernmore said...

oh how sweet! happy birthday, Fitzie!

Becky said...

What a sweet kitty!
My girl - Maggie Mae - turns 15 next month. She can't jump as well either and she has to stop and rest half way up the stairs.

Pattie (Luv2Smile) said...

Sounds like a SBing page needs to be made for this "Sweet Sixteen"!