Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Congratulations Tim

After five years of racing, Tim won a championship trophy in the Charlotte Mountain Bike Series. The trophy is in the spot of honor on the center of the mantle. Next to it is the 3rd place Cowbell trophy he won several years ago. This year he rode in the single speed class. He's come close a few times before, but this was his year. I'm very proud of him. The series started in April and ended last weekend. They race every Wednesday night for four weeks and then have a week off and repeat. Each race earns the riders points, and at the end of the season the rider in each class with the most points overall is the champion.

Now is a short rest period. I bought him a new bike frame for his birthday, so he is working on getting that built. Then he will work on repainting his hardtail. He's decided to retire his full suspension bike and with all his various parts, plans to end up with a fully rigid single speed and a hardtail single speed.

Fall and winter riding and racing will start soon.


Donna (Sapphire1968) said...

WAHOO..Congrats to Tim for winning! The trophy looks good on the mantle. Here's hoping for more to come..:)

Sally said...

YAY Tim!!!! What a cool looking trophy too!