Friday, December 05, 2008

A Long and Busy Week

Tim and I celebrated our 15th anniversary yesterday. Love you honey. Since we took a big trip this summer we didn't have the money to go anywhere to celebrate our anniversary. So we both took the week off and stayed home and redid our love nest - sorry - bedroom. We picked out a new comforter and then pick the paint. We pulled the wallpaper off and scrubbed the walls. Then we primed and painted two coats. Tim also replaced a broken window. Then we pulled up the carpet and padding and I removed a bazillion staples from the floor and scrubbed the hardwood. Tim put quarter round moulding down. The room is almost back together but we did get to sleep in our bed last night. It was ALOT of work, but so worth it. I've saved our shopping lists, paint chips and piece of old wall paper for the scrapbook.

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Diana said...

Melanie your room looks great.