Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hanging Out on the Deck

We started a bad thing this weekend - we let Riley and Tarzan out on the back deck. They are both very interested in the new kitty, Fred. They've all met each other in the doorway when we are going in and out, and they watch each other through the bedroom windows. They all seem to get along just fine. So we let Riley and Tarzan out. They are both really good about staying on the deck and not wandering off or fighting with Fred - because they've discovered the grass growing up between the deck boards. Now every time we open the back door they try to rush out so they can nibble grass. Riley sits at the back door and cries to go out. I think what I need to do is grow a pot of grass for them to eat in the house.

The top pictures are Riley and Tarzan wandering out of the house and saying HI to Fred. The bottom picture is Riley eating the grass (oaky, I'm sure it's a weed) coming up through the deck boards.

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