Sunday, November 23, 2008

T-day Prep

This weekend we have been getting ready for Thanksgiving. We will be having friends over for dinner on Thursday. Tim and I are in charge of making the turkey and the dinner rolls. I might also make a cheesecake and some green bean casserole. Yesterday we worked on cleaning the dinning room. All of my scrapbook stuff has been put away so that we can eat at the table. Today Tim mixed some bread dough and I made rolls. I think we'll have to make another batch - I'd hate for anyone to go hungry. It was easy to do since Tim used the bread maker to mix and rise the dough. I took Tom out of the freezer to start thawing. We might have a small problem - I don't know if he'll fit in the roaster. And while Tim has been out riding today I worked on some place cards for the table.

Monday night we'll clean up the kitchen and get the nice china out and rinsed off. Wednesday night I'll make the cheesecake and prep the turkey. Thursday morning will be easy, put the turkey in the oven, make the green bean casserole in the crock pot and set the table. And wait for the guests.

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