Monday, January 12, 2009

Book 4: The Dream: A Memoir

Title: The Dream: A Memoir
Author: harry Bernstein
Date: 1/9/09
Pub. Date: 2008
Rating: 4
Notes: This is a follow up to his first memoir, The Invisible Wall. This book starts when his family receives the coveted tickets so they can move from England to America. Poverty follows them to their new home and the father still drinks. But life in America is better. And Harry meets Ruby and falls in love.

Every year I vow to read more non-fiction. So this is a good start to the year for me. And hopefully the romance novels I've read have moved me past my reading slump.

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Timestep said...

If you are looking for some good non-fiction -

I LOVED Madeline Albright's autobiograpy (it's long but good, her biography, which has a similar title, is shorter but equally good).

I convinved my book group to read it and they loved it too.

Another is Katherine Graham's autobiography.

"Disney Wars" was a really fun read about the Disney Studios.