Thursday, May 14, 2009

BB: Tuna Salad

Kate at Warm Olives and Cool Cocktails picked this weeks recipe for the Barefoot Bloggers.
She picked Tuna Salad. Now this isn't any old tuna salad - the canned tuna and mayonnaise kind of tuna salad. Oh, no. This is yummy, fresh tuna with a spicy dressing tuna salad. Tim grilled our tuna steaks on the grill. We cooked the tuna for longer than the recipe suggests, but it was still pink inside - just not raw. To the lime juice and soy sauce dressing I added a bit of sesame oil. And the wasabi powder and hot sauce added some great flavor. I might just become a fan of hot sauce. I served the salad over some orzo pasta. It was a great meal - quick and easy to prepare, very tasty, and fairly healthy.

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