Wednesday, December 26, 2007

For the New Year

Last week when I was at Target I picked up a couple of journals that I've covered. Both of them have a hot pink binding so I picked pattern papers to go with the binding. The large one will be my journal for the year. I think it still needs some embellishments - just don't know what yet. The smaller one will be for the books I've read. It should hold 2 years worth of books. I like to keep the title, author, copyright date, and date I've read the book along with a few notes on what the book was about. I also keep some lists of books to read, books to buy as gifts, books that have won awards, and books my book clubs are reading.

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Melissa Clifford said...

Love the covered books! They turned out really nice. I thought I read somewhere there are jeweled buttons, maybe those would look good on your journal...or maybe too flashy. Either way I love it!