Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I wanted to post the valentine cards I made. I didn't get them in the mail until Tuesday, so they are going to be late.

For the two oldest girls - Sara and Hannah - I made similar elephant cards. Very pink, with some fun patterned paper and some Stickles on the flower for bling.

The two youngest - Sydney and Matthew - got similar cards, only they got a cute frog. They also got some Stickles glitter for bling. But thier frogs also got googlie eyes. I hope the eyes make it through the mail becuase it is so darn cute.
I'll show you Tim and Dylan's cards tomorrow. Hope you have a good Valentines Day.

1 comment:

Donna (Sapphire1968) said...

What cute card! i love the googlie eyes on the frogs...too cute.