Thursday, February 07, 2008

Minneapolis in March!

I am so excited! I heard today that I got a Career Enrichment grant from the state library to attend the Public Library Association convention in Minneapoils in March. My wonderful Aunt Julie has agreed to let me, and my librarian Aunt Jean, sleep on her floor and the grant will cover my air fare, food and conference registration. How cool is a "free" trip to see my family and college friends - and go to a library conference. All in March. In Minneapolis. My poor southern blood is going to freeze to death - but it will be so worthwhile. I purchased my ticket this afternoon and I will be arriving in the frozen north on Good Friday, March 21st and leaving on Saturday, March 29th. The actual conference is on the 25th-29th, so I will have plenty of time to visit with everyone. I will miss Tim and the cats, but Julie has a kitty who I hope she'll share with me.


Timestep said...

That is so cool!

How wonderful that your conference happens to be in a place that you'd like to visit (albeit not in March - but March is not always cold)

Sally said...

YAY for s free trip!!! That is cool, I hope you have a GREAT time!