Tuesday, May 29, 2007

That's a Funny Looking Cat

This weekend I scrapbooked a few animal pages. One of Fitzie in baskets, one of Tarzan, and the possum page. It seems like I don't get to make many pink pages, so the possum got a pink page. I also pulled out my long unused eyelets this weekend. The possum page got pretty little flower eyelets. I sure hope this possum was a girl :) I did the journaling on the computer because it was a long story. The only stamping is the title - I don't have any possum stamps.

Tim was away most of the weekend. He, and a group of guys, did the Burn 24-Hour race. This was Tim's first 24-hour race. He usually does 12-hour races solo. I think he enjoyed being on a team for this one. After lots of strategy, they placed 10th. They could have placed higher, but there was a prize for "strategic 10th place" and they wanted the prize - a case of Burn energy drink to share and a tube of chamois butter for each of them.

For Memorial Day, we went over to some of Tim's bike friends. They all went out and did a quick and easy ride, while I stayed at the house and guarded the beer. We grilled brats and had a very enjoyable afternoon. Tim's bike friends are good people.

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Stampernmore said...

Congrats to dh, what a big accomplishment! It sounds like you all had fun afterward.

Love the page with all the pink and that paper is perfect! Great job!